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growing creative capacity in regional communities

Distributed 15

DISTRIBUTED 15 is a creative process comprising fifteen threads of creativity. It’s about cultivating connection, inspiration and action in regional communities through arts, all centred around themes of climate action and hope.

An artistic process

Distributed 15 is a tapestry of creative threads, bringing connection and hope in a time of climate crisis and habitat loss.

Community members and artists from across the Gondwana Link have come together to create this cross-regional project which builds from the simple intimacy of Thread One – The First Hug, to Thread Fifteen – a lasting artefact and legacy.

As the different creative threads of the project built towards a connected tapestry, regional producers and artists have been immersed in an experience of climate action, examining site-specific performance as a force for social and ecological change resulting in a performance that reflects the fragility of born-again ecosystems.

The project culminated in the creation of an original, community led, intercultural, intra-regional performance work in March 2023. These site-specific works emerged across five revegetated sites that are part of the Gondwana Link.


Distributed 15 is a project delivered over 15 threads of activity.  Each thread has a particular focus that aims to increase the capacity of individuals and communities to bring about positive change.  The project is designed from a philosophical foundation of distributed, interconnected responsibility and care.  Each thread comprises different groups of people, extending across various intervals of time. These threads intersect at different points, weaving together to form the overall project. This ultimately creates a network of relationships and develops skills that will enable future action.  Threads will continue to lengthen into the future, improving the wellbeing of people and habitat in regional Western Australia.


‘Thread Three’ played a crucial role in articulating the methodology behind ‘Distributed 15’. Thread Three was supported by Minderoo Foundation, Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, STRUT Dance and Perth Festival.

The Distributed 15 methodology involves four steps:

1. Immersion of artists into ‘Containers of Knowledge’ – a curated library of intercultural source material that spans historical, spiritual, scientific, sensorial and philosophical bodies of knowledge.

2. Stem creation – the creation of short stems of artistic material that are uploaded into an online library for access by the whole artistic team who are geographically distributed. Over 100 stems were created during the December creative development.

3. Blending – Multiple stems are selected by artists and blended together to respond to their community, site and role in the overarching narrative. The blending of similar source material created a sense of aesthetic cohesion whilst also expressing the uniqueness of the artist, community and place.

4. Response and refinement – Input from Elders, Artistic Director and community members contributes to an overall process of refinement and ensures cultural safety