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Michelle Frantom

Dr. michelle Frantom

Dr. Michelle Frantom is a career visual artist of 35 years. During this time she participated in many group exhibitions and several touring shows with ECU and the ‘MIX’ group of artists. In 2013 Michelle graduated from Curtin University with a PhD in art and philosophy.

Michelle has also held a solo exhibition, co-ordinated several community art projects, undertaken commissions for Albany Residency Museum and Albany City Council, given public talks and delivered workshops. From 2006 to 2016 Michelle worked as a lecturer in Design and Media at Great Southern Institute of Technology where she switched from ‘analog’ to digital illustration. She has been employed as a sessional academic for ECU and Curtin University in the Justice and Equity Through Art program at Albany Regional Prison. 

In 2017 Michelle established her own digital illustration and graphic design business – ‘Mad Fish Designs’. Last year, after a 5 year stint, she resigned from her position as art lecturer at Albany Regional Prison where she worked predominantly with Noongar people. Early last year Michelle was approached by the CG Jung Institute of Los Angeles with a request to publish her PhD thesis in parts in their journal ‘Psychological Perspectives’. The first instalment will be released this year. 

The thread that ties all of these accomplishments together is Michelle’s respect for the imagination and the archetypes that underpin human culture. She has an unwavering confidence in the power of images to  effect change and provide a means with which to explore consciousness.