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Media Release July 21

Gondwana Link Key Partnership

Media Release 1 July 2021
Arts and Environmental organisations join together

An expansive creative work is coming to the Goldfields, Great Southern and South West, with Annette Carmichael Projects pleased to announce a partnership with Gondwana Link for a project called Distributed 15.

Distributed 15 is a long-term, large-scale dance and art project, developed over 15 threads of activity from 2020 to 2023.

The bold idea to bring contemporary dance with themes of ecological change and hope to communities across the south of the State including Margaret River, Northcliffe, Porongurup, Fitzgerald Biosphere (Ravensthorpe) and Kalgoorlie needed a bold supporter with a vision for the future of our natural environment.

From project creator Annette Carmichael’s perspective, a partnership with Gondwana Link was a perfect fit.

“When I was dreaming up this project, I was looking for an environmental partner that had a level of audacity to what they do,” Annette said.

“The idea for the performance is ambitious, so I needed someone game enough to go big and Gondwana Link’s goal to achieve 1000km of continuous native habitat in WA is so large scale – it was a natural fit and I’m delighted they are on board with this project.”

“We’re using the strength of each of our organisations to work together to raise further awareness of the importance of habitat and environmental restoration, while also creating a large scale arts project in the regions.”

Discussions between Annette’s creative team and Gondwana Link have focused on driving community awareness of the 1000km restoration goal.

“When we’ve met with the team from Gondwana Link about what we envision for Distributed 15, we talked a lot about creating an immersive experience with choreography inspired by the natural landscape,” Annette said.

“The support from Gondwana Link is so valuable and we know they can further our work to establish and build relationships with local First Nations Elders, environmental groups, volunteers and the wider community which will add more layers of meaning to this multi- region work.”

Gondwana Link CEO Keith Bradby said, “We’re delighted to be part of this exciting partnership, with Annette Carmichael Projects. This fusion of creativity and conservation will be invaluable in encouraging more Australians to appreciate the beauty and global importance of our regional environments, the talent of local communities and the many ways we can both enjoy and restore important Australian landscapes and habitats.”

With confirmation of the partnership with Gondwana Link, the creative team is ready to get cracking on building Distributed 15, with Annette and her team calling out for local arts managers and event co-ordinators in the regions to put their hands up to join the project development.

“We’re able to offer contract producer positions in each of the towns we’re visiting with support from Regional Arts WA and Circuit West,” Annette said.

“This part of the project is special to me because one of the goals of Distributed 15 is to offer employment and other opportunities to regional arts workers in WA.”

“My team will be offering mentoring and support for the producers who join us to work on Distributed 15, and we hope these people will then use their skills and passion to bring more arts projects to their communities once this project is complete.”

“It’s not every day local communities in regional WA are engaged in developing large-scale arts projects like this. We encourage anyone interested to get in touch with us to learn more about the opportunity and discuss how we can create local programs together.”

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