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Portrait Photograph of Simon Walsh
sound designer: wooditjup / margaret river

Simon Walsh

Musician, Composer, Sound Designer, Synthesist, Artist, Performer and Autodidact, Simon Walsh creates wild new sound worlds with a vast spectrum of atmospheres and playful patterns, from minimal to technically complex structures and unique timbral textures. 

With a background in Jazz and Funk as a Bassist, Simon’s solo ventures into Electronic Music have seen him gain multiple nominations in the prestigious German-based Schallwelle Electronic Music Awards under the categories of International Artist of the Year and International Best Album. 

Simon is currently working on his twentieth album under the moniker Symatic Star, joining forces with German Surrealist painter Peter Wall. His discography includes a swathe of collaborations with musicians from the U.S.A, Russia, Germany, France, and England, with a plethora of rave reviews that articulate in the written word that which Simon prefers to communicate in sound. 

Recent local engagements as a composer and sound designer for web clients, small film festivals, puppetry have led him to his largest-scale collaboration with Annette Carmichael Productions.

Simon’s artistic experiences include decades of performance as a professional juggler, musician, and circus performer, a student of Jazz at WAAPA transforming into 11 years as a Circus teacher on campus.

As a long-time naturalist and activist for the Great Barrier Reef and Australia’s old-growth forests, including working with The Wilderness Society towards a long-term vision of biodiverse wildlife corridors, Simon’s works are deeply influenced by the interconnectivity and diversity of the natural world. His rich sound worlds are spaces of healing and affirmation of Western Esoteric traditions and tribal origins with Indigenous cultures and ultimately explorations of space, spaciousness, meaning, and the mysteries of the Cosmos.