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Annette Carmichael projects & Gondwana Link

Working Together

In 2020 I was contemplating an idea for an arts project that would open up hope in people and inspire action.  At the time I was struggling with a gripping anxiety about climate change that was paralysing me with despair.  One evening I happened to stumble across a showing of the film “Breathing Life into Boodja” that showed the grassroots impact of Gondwana Link’s work to bring together many different communities in the action of protecting and restoring habitat.  It simply showed the birds returning, plants self-seeding, country restoring itself after an initial injection of care from people.  I was filled with hope and asked Gondwana Link if they would join with me in the creation of a trail of performances called The Stars Descend

Written by Annette Carmichael

Annette Carmichael Projects

Annette Carmichael Projects brings together professional dancers, artists and community to create extraordinary performances and exhibitions across regional and metropolitan Australia.

Gondwana Link

At the heart of Gondwana Link is a bold but simple plan: protect what bushland remains, restore the critical gaps, and maintain the extraordinary nature of south-western Australia. And do it at a scale readily visible from space.

global Team

Annette Carmichael
Abbie Pederson
Web Link
Ruth Maddren
First Nations Producer
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Josephine Hayes
Communications Manager
Anthony Coxeter
Janine Oxenham
Choreographer, Soloist
Russell Thorpe
Michelle Frantom
Digital Illustrator
Nic Duncan
Rob Castiglione
Film Maker
Sky River
Visual Artist
Liz Jack
Tourism Consultant