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About the Project

The Concept

Distributed 15 is a tapestry of creative threads, bringing connection and hope in a time of climate crisis and habitat loss.

Community members and artists from across the Gondwana Link are coming together to create this cross-regional project which builds from the simple intimacy of Thread One – The First Hug, to Thread Fifteen – a lasting artefact and legacy.

As the different creative threads of the project build towards a connected tapestry, regional producers and artists will be immersed in an experience of climate action, examining site-specific performance as a force for social and ecological change resulting in a performance that reflects the fragility of born-again ecosystems.

The project will culminate in the creation of an original, community led, intercultural, intra-regional performance work that is created across five revegetated sites that are part of the Gondwana Link in March 2023.

The First Hug

Thread One, December 2020

The First Hug represented the first step into the creative process for Distributed 15 at large. It was very much an exploratory experience and period of choreographic research ahead of the major stages and threads of the project to come.

Supported by Minderoo Foundation